Cannabis Solutions

The rapid pace of change and innovation in the Cannabis industry makes each passing day feel like 2 weeks.

Our elite team of professionals and strategic partners are here to help you keep up with the industry both domestically and internationally.

From technology optimization, energy management, cultivation experts, customized education certificates and more, we can help from A to Z.

Smoothly Invest In the “Cannabis and/ or Healthcare” Industry With Our Complete Elite International Solutions

How to Invest in the Canadian Cannabis and/ or Healthcare Industry

It can be a complex adventure navigating specific requirements for building a legal cannabis or healthcare company.

GOOD NEWS!!! We’ve cracked the code & made it simple:

Our mission is to be the elite “one stop shop” for anything involving cannabis or healthcare solutions.

With industry professionals at the ready we can  smoothly guide you through the Canadian Government’s rigorous requirements for acquiring licensing in the cannabis or healthcare space.

Once you’re properly licensed you'll be ready to set up shop and begin collecting your hard earned return on investment. Our carefully constructed team is in place and ready to create an investment experience tailored to your specific needs, every step of the way.

Before a profit can be made we have to get you through the application process, which is what we’re REALLY good at! We specialize in gathering all the necessary information (the first time through) & we stay on top of gathering and submitting any new information required to move your cannabis investment forward.

Think of us as your “tour guides” who have not only been down this path before but have also guided many others across the finish line.

In order to successfully take your  team forward, we'll help you deliver a solid business plan which is a critical part of the application process.

Whether you have a full vision or just an initial idea we have the capacity to help you cultivate and set your plans into motion.  We are a one stop shop for anything involving cannabis or healthcare solutions and corporate financing.  Our elite investment team is comprised of professionals who have over 100 years of combined industry experience in cannabis or healthcare.

The application process includes several moving pieces which have strict and sometimes time-sensitive requirements. We specialize in drafting business plan from scratch andour comprehensive system is designed to guide the construction of YOUR cannabis empire from the ground up, while keeping you safe & protected from the unknown variables throughout the entire process.

Here is a list of the  some of the basic requirements the Canadian Government requires in your business plan:

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  1. Threat & Risk Assessments
  2. Location
  3. Design, Engineer, & Build.
  4. HVAC
  5. Energy Management
  6. Cultivation Solutions
  7. Seed-To-Sale Software
  8. Extraction Process
  9. Standard Operating Procedures


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  1. Security
  2. Packaging & Distribution
  3. Full Legal Representation
  4. Marketing
  5. Customer Service
  6. Education
  7. Best Practices Guidelines
  8. Corporate Financing And Advisory Services


Below are some basic details to help you begin sculpting your vision into legal reality.  Click on a headline for further details:

Threat & Risk Assessments

There Is No Such Thing As Zero Risk 

Which is why we have positioned our services to maximize success in the evolving cannabis industry. Before we take one step forward we will have thorough discussions in understanding what the roads ahead will practically look like and the rewards to reap when we win.

As with any business that hold valuables on site, you need to be fully aware of all basic safety standards. These fundamental protection procedures we’ll guide you through also exist in banks, pharmacies, and jewelers.

Our comprehensive TRA (Threat Risk Assessment) identifies your unique security needs, based on several factors. We personally investigate your premise and identify threats to the facility. Once we have identified potential threats to your organization we assess the risk and actual likelihood of minimal damage or the worst case scenario happening. After we have have thoroughly investigated certain vulnerabilities we will put together a comprehensive plan and make specific recommendations to avoid or reduce the probability of a threat occurring.

TRA involves the identification of the following:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Armed Robbery
  • Internal Theft
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Assault Or Harm (Internal & External)
  • Unauthorized Access

Safety in protecting yourself and your valuables involves having a solid plan. Detailing a specific procedures and putting in place action steps in case the unknown happens by surprise. As Benjamin Franklin say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.”


Basic Sales 101: Location, Location, LOCATION!

With the seemingly daily addition to regulations, it is important to position yourself in an area that is appropriate to guidelines. Navigating new territory can be overwhelming without proper guidance. Proper guidance comes from our “on staff” certified land acquisition professionals experienced in locating suitable property.

Design, Engineer, & Build

Proper Design To Ensure Efficient Workflow

Workflow is CRITICAL to the design of your space. How both clients and employees “flow” throughout your space is very important in maintaining customer satisfaction, happy employees, and ultimately happy investors. Without appropriate flow there runs the risk of a decrease in ROI.

After we have led you to the acquisition of compliant property, our experts shift their focus towards designing, engineering & building your commercial greenhouse/s. From the ground up our staff members take your vision and transmute your designs into its physical equivalent. Every square inch of your investment will be maximized and maintained with the most efficient technology to date.


Any HVAC Company Can Install Your Heating & Cooling Systems

What distinguishes our elite system is how we take it one step further. Our system utilizes technology to create real time date reporting on energy efficiencies. Part of being a complete elite solution involves energy management and this setup has the ability to measure ALL energy that’s moving through your facility.

Your energy will be managed down to every last detail in which we’ll use to enhance efficiency and increase your ROI.

Energy Management

Achieving A “Negative” Carbon Footprint

Energy accounts for 25%-30% of total cannabis production costs. Producers must take control of their energy use and costs in order to remain competitive and manage operational risk.

ICS provides a full range of energy advisory services to assist with the planning, design and implementation of comprehensive energy management strategies for new and existing production facilities. We are a licensed distributor of LumiGrow and we utilize the cutting edge LED lighting technology from their world class systems.

ICS develops custom-tailored solutions for:

  • Low-Energy and Net-Zero Building Designs
  • Building Energy Optimization
  • Energy Retrofits for upgraded energy performance.
  • On-Site Renewable Generation and Energy Storage
  • Load Shifting & Peak Load Shaving
  • Technology Optimization/Real Time Data Collection
  • Material and Equipment Selection Recommendations

ICS also represents its clients’ interests in:

  • Negotiations with utilities for infrastructure upgrades
  • Rate and service selection and disputes
  • Securing of government incentives, tax credits and grants
  • Government reimbursement of energy study costs.

The Benefits of Energy Management and Self-Generation:

  • Instant electricity cost savings and lower operating expenses
  • Energy cost and budget predictability
  • Protection against utility rate increases
  • Favourable tax treatment
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Promotion of corporate sustainability initiatives

Below are graphs that provide you a visual idea of the total monthly and annual savings you’ll receive, once you’re plugged into solar technology.

Cultivation Solutions

Master Grower Consulting 

Our on staff master growers have over 100 years of combined cannabis growing experience. What we can’t achieve via communication through technology, we can achieve by deploying a master grower to your grow site. Working with a master grower in person ensures you will be successful at all stages of growing cannabis at a commercial scale.

Part of consulting with master growers provides you with a very unique educational opportunity. You will have the opportunity to learn every phase of the operation.


Looking towards the future and playing the long term game is what we’re all about. Choosing proper cannabis strains is essential to achieving the product you set your intention to manifest.

Genetics play a large role in your core branding message and overall marketing strategy. Isolating and utilizing the most appropriate cannabis strain will lead you to creating a consistent product line, every time. Consistency of quality will be paramount to your long term success.

With more and more CBD strains being found in Canada it has the ability to expand your client base. With our international partners we can assist with seed licensing and proven breeding techniques.

We are working with Israeli partners on both proven genetics and clinical trials. Genetics that will conform to any country's laws, involving THC level restraints. As well as clinical trails for your own genetics and product development needs.

Organic Money Saving Solutions Increasing Yield

Cutting Edge Technology Available:

  • Vertical Integration
  • CO2 Infused Water

These solutions can save money and add yield. We are licensed distributors for GAIA Water Systems, high performance water solution.

Seed-To-Sale Software

Tracking & Reporting Throughout All Operational Phases

Once you have products to sell, your business plan requires details about what software you’ll be implementing to track the product. The Canadian Government wants you to keep track of every seed planted & they also want documentation of the grow process all the way to the sale.


Our technicians are in place and ready to quickly snap together a complete software package for easy use. All while providing thorough education until you’ve achieved mastery of the new process.

Extraction process

Lab Setup, Extraction & Production

Onsite lab setup is in place for quality testing of both raw flower and extracts. To ensure your product will meet safety standards our lab team offers services to:

  • Source you testing equipment.
  • Custom design & build a fully functional lab, safe extraction & industry standard production equipment.
  • Expert consultation with procedures to maximize process efficiency & bottom line output.


After we have established your testing & extraction lab you have the option to opt into receiving assistance in product development.

Standard Operating Procedures

ACMPR Personal & Designated Growers

What specifically are ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) updated laws? If you’re not a lawyer, Health Canada has written a simplified version to more easily digest the complexities. In the simplified Health Canada article Understanding the New Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations they give updates specific to each industry (practitioners, producer, patients, & law enforcement). This simplified document can be used to help you get a more solid understanding of the “animal” our expert are prepared to professionally handle with ease.

Qualified applicants are provided access to our on staff ACMPR experts who are ready to assist you with required paperwork. We work on a case by case basis to provide you the specific customizations you need to gently breeze through the STRICT legal requirements. Having a team of experienced professionals on your side will be your #1 asset in achieving the cannabis investment success you desire.


Security, Safety & Protections

Security is another piece of the puzzle that protects everyone involved. With our state of the art security procedures, we can quickly design a safety system that is catered to your specific needs.

Our strategic partner at ISN (Investigative Solutions Network Inc.) provide comprehensive Private Security & Investigative Services. Providing a complete range of services to navigate through issues that often negatively affect businesses.

Packaging & Distribution


Packaging requirements need to be Health Canada approved. We have several options that are cost effective and aid in the branding of your product.


Distribution involves your daily workflow. Your workflow retail options also need to be health Canada approved.

Full Legal Representation

Full Legal Services

Our partnership with Canada’s cannabis specialized law firm can assist you in bridging the gap between your vision and legal reality. Bottom line success involves getting legal and staying legal. With a perpetually evolving market, you will want to be up to date with the latest legal requirements.


Experienced digital and traditional marketing and branding marketing methods are available for your unique strategy.

Customer Service

Maximize Brand Value By Helping End Users Smoothly Achieve Total Satisfaction

Front line representatives adding value through basic customer service needs. End users, or patients, will have open access to customer service representatives who will help answer your health care and/or cannabis questions. No matter how seemingly random your question might be, we are here to help. If your workflow feels clunky or you’re having a challenging time seeing the bigger picture of how it all goes together, contact us right away. Our goal is to add value to your brand in any way we can.

We have a team of master growers with over 100 years of combined experience that can do site visits, and work with your master grower to ensure optimal success.

Healthcare Solutions:

  • Patient acquisition and retention
  • Design and Build
  • Compliance USA and Canada
  • Non Pharma Health Clinics with distribution model

Education/Resource For Both Physician & Patients

Our knowledge bank allows us to provide you with organized information specific to your unique situation. Tailored education made ready for you when you need it. Services include detailed white labels for your cannabis education.

No matter your level of understanding, beginner to advanced, our staff carves the curriculum that suits your operation. Education programs can be utilized in assisting with education; starter kits, security, safety concerns, installation for the home grower, etc.

We tailor educational programs to:

  • Physicians
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Patients
  • And more
Best Practices

True Organic Ingredients 

Organic is key! True organic meaning no chemical. In our recent times there are stories coming out frequently about “non regulated organic” pesticides and toxins making there way into our cannabis. Organic has a more strict regulation on food products and not so much regulation on NON food products, such as “organic” pesticides & fertilizers. [2]

Use natural sources such as bat guano or any other type of naturally occurring nutrient to maximize yield and safety.

Project Management

Occasionally the “elephant” can be TOO big to eat in one bite and you’re having a difficult time organizing and executing all the pieces at the right time. Not only do we help you manage large projects, we also provide comprehensive training that maximizes your success in making correct decisions at the appropriate time.

Project Management Services:

  • Training
  • Start To Finish Project Support
  • Planning & Growing Facility Project Planning
  • Operations Project Management
  • Workflow Management (Internal Efficiency)
Corporate Financing & Advisory Services
  • Product Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Private Placements
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Health Care

Private Placements

Helping you get up off the ground and running! We’re here to help you find sophisticated investors looking to enter the cannabis space. As well we include business development needs, including clinical trials, to aid in intellectual property and increased revenue streams.

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

In the investment world, an IPO is the first time the stock of a private company is offered to the public for investment. This is for when younger or newer companies are seeking capital to expand current operations.

Health Care

Both US and Canadian Medical Directors are at your disposal to aid in forming or advising your medical portion of your business plan.

The ICS team of experienced industry professionals are ready to “streamline” your investment through Canada’s basic legal requirements helping you achieve an ROI sooner than anticipated.