Healthcare Solutions

  • At International Cannabis Solutions we know that quality healthcare is possible.  ICS was built on that foundation belief, and we are committed to creating solutions that make our vision a reality.  Working internationally, we are able to serve you no matter where in the world you might be.  There are no borders between you and this groundbreaking  model in health care.   ICS delivers a high tech, high touch approach. 
    International Cannabis Solutions primary care medical clinic reminiscent of the days when the community doctor made house calls and considered patients part of the family. Our focus on patients is an integral part of what we do.  ICS offers up to the minute medical knowledge and technology, coupled with health care that truly is built on a personal relationship with each individual, acknowledging every patient's' unique needs  while adding revenue streams and saving time with effective clinic triage programs.
     Affordable, Organized Quality Care and Health & Wellness Programs
    ICS provides customized business solutions in holistic healthcare on a single platform. Our proprietary systems host all necessary information within a single easy-to-navigate member record.  We include a baseline library of assessments and structured care plans that can be copied and modified to meet unique client requirements.  For ease of use and improved care coordination, all member communications, activity and clinical profile information are available in a single online area. Integration to other internal and external systems enables a complete view of the member’s health A PDF view of this information can be easily printed for care team or member reference or to support information sharing needs.
    “Best in Class Education Committee” with over 100 years’ experience in pain management, pharmacology, cannabinoids and a multidisciplinary treatment we can tailor your education to integrate with your existing marketing, physician and patient needs.
    With Medical Directors in both Canada and the United States,  we can assist new Licensed Producers and ACMPR clients in the early days until they can afford a Medical Director of their own; and then assist them in finding the right one to fill their specific needs.     
    We have also built strong relationships with partners in Israel which enables us to provide cutting edge, quality clinical trials in cannabinoids conducted by some of the world’s leading scientists.  
    Additionally, with our exclusive international insurance broker partnership, we can provide every insurance need to help facilitate your Risk Management.  Combined with security risk assessments and ongoing monitoring we can provide seamless security that will meet the needs of all government entities and ensure healthcare regulatory compliance (ie HIPPA in the United States,  CPSO in Canada.)
    Whatever your health care industry needs, we can help guide you to success.
    Just some of the things we can assist with: 
    Level 1-3 Pain Clinics
    Non Pharma Health Clinics with distribution model
    CPSO Compliance (Canada)
     HIPPA Compliance (USA) 
    Full legal advisory
    CME Accredited customized courses to further Physicians, Pharmaceutical and Allied Healthcare professionals tool box
    Government, Law
    Insurance Needs