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30 Marijuana Stocks to Buy As the Future Turns Green

In the coming years, as weed becomes more legal, investors should focus on companies that emphasize the holistic nature of the cannabis plant. Companies like Cara Therapeutics and Novus, for example, are focusing on dispensaries and dispensary services, which will help the economic pressure associated with the legalization of weed. These companies have a lot of potential to grow as legalization proceeds.


The CEO of GrowGeneration, a California cannabis retailer, is bullish on the future of the industry. The company expects 2022 to be a year of normalization and tremendous growth in the hydroponics business. Although it is currently only selling about 10 percent of its product, the company is targeting a market share of around 20 percent by 2021. Its revenue last year was $48 million, but Lampert is expecting a profit by 2022. Growing marijuana and consuming its products is a booming industry, and this company is positioned to take advantage of it.

In order to make the most of this market, investors should invest in stocks that have shown strong growth over the past year. YOY sales growth reflects a company’s ability to grow its revenue and profitability. But this metric is faulty if the company does not have a proven plan to get profitable. Growing sales does not necessarily mean profitability, and it can mislead investors about the strength of a company.

GrowGeneration recently announced the termination of its acquisition of HGS Hydro (HGS Hydro) in Michigan. Its CEO says the acquisition was a mistake because the timing was wrong and the balance sheet did not look strong. However, investors should not discount GrowGeneration because of its low valuation. The company has been performing quite well for the past five years, and its prospects for the next few years are bright.

While marijuana stocks have suffered huge losses, they are showing signs of recovery. Some investors are now buying the marijuana stocks to reap the benefits. If legalization of the industry continues, weed stocks will increase dramatically and could even become an excellent investment. But before investing in marijuana stocks, keep in mind the risks and rewards associated with the industry. The future of marijuana is bright – you can earn a substantial profit from investing in these stocks.

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Urban-Gro: Another vertically integrated cannabis operator, Urban-Gro offers comprehensive coverage to botanical enthusiasts. Its website also gives a step-by-step guide to attaining recreational cannabis cards in different states. Its website also provides links to other relevant information, which can help you convert the curious into a marijuana user. These companies can help you get started and grow your cannabis business to a new level.

Cara Therapeutics

The company’s pipeline is based on a single clinical-stage therapy called CR701, which has shown promise in rodent models but is still years away from reaching pharmacy shelves. In the interim, the company’s growth could come from CR845, which shows promise in a broader range of conditions. That’s good news for investors looking to buy cannabis stocks.

CV Sciences has a great track record, more than doubling its revenue in four years. And the firm’s latest quarter saw top-line sales soar by more than 125% and net income in the black. Although it’s rare for marijuana stocks to show such impressive growth, Cara Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company that’s delivering on its promise.

As more states legalize marijuana, the company’s shares could skyrocket. But if the government does not fully legalize the plant in the United States, entrepreneurism is expected to drive its growth. This could lead to a significant spike in MRMD stock in 2020. Charlotte’s Web is another marijuana stock to consider. Its sales were up 43% sequentially, and it reported lower expenses than before.

Before investing in marijuana stocks, investors should do research on the company. Marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug and the federal government may crack down on companies. But if the government doesn’t crack down on the industry, marijuana investors will probably only have to worry about market risk. It’s important to understand the industry’s current status before making a decision.

Another stock to consider is Alcanna. This company was once an alcohol retailer, but is now a marijuana retail operator. Aurora Cannabis has recently acquired Alcanna, which plans to focus on developing specialty medical cannabis software and natural health products for the cannabis market. Its growth in the cannabis industry is a good sign for its future. There are many marijuana stocks to buy as the future turns green.

Sunniva Investments has a number of other marijuana stocks to consider. Its portfolio includes 13 companies. Its focus is largely on the US market, but it does have exposure to the industry through its research and development of CBD-based wellness products. Its stock has increased by over six percent in the last three months. Its stock is currently trading at $8.60.

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When you consider the cannabis industry’s explosive growth, Novus is worth looking at. This pioneering company, which also offers comprehensive plans that cover dental, optical, and alternative therapies, is a top pick for investors. While the industry is still a gamble, it’s a good idea to purchase shares in marijuana stocks before the boom begins. In particular, Novus is a good pick if you are a gambler.

This cannabis stock has been gaining in popularity since the United States government decriminalized its recreational use. However, investors are still cautious. It’s hard to gauge the impact of legalization on the company’s stock price. In addition to the legalization of marijuana, Novus has established a leak-out provision on the stock it gives to third party vendors. The company’s rules state that a shareholder receiving stock for compensation cannot sell more than 5% of its average daily volume in any given month. That means a stock run would be difficult if not impossible.

While many investors are eager to cash in on the green rush, the industry is also fraught with potential fraud and market manipulation. Many cannabis companies trading in the U.S. are Canadian. Because of that, investors may have limited access to financial data and no legal recourse if they lose money. But Novus has a bright future ahead. Its stock price has skyrocketed in recent weeks.

Another marijuana stock to watch is Peak Pharmaceuticals. This stock is a “speculative play” that started as a medicinal marijuana company and branched out into the recreational market. The company reported strong first-quarter results and has been improving its gross margins. Analysts believe OrganiGram will hit positive EBITDA by the third quarter of fiscal 2022. Analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald rate OrganiGram as an “overweight” stock with a $4.21 price target.

While marijuana stocks are a risky investment, they do have huge potential. Marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington in 2012, and the market is expected to grow by 2025. However, investors should keep in mind that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug at the federal level, making marijuana investments a risky proposition. For this reason, investors should research the industry before investing.

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Innovative Industrial Properties

If you’re looking for marijuana stocks to buy as the future turns green, look no further than Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (NYSE:IIP). This real estate investment trust (REIT) focuses on the acquisition, ownership and management of medical marijuana facilities. With 103 properties across the U.S., IIP has an impressive portfolio of marijuana-related assets. Here are three of its best-performing stocks:

The company’s business is based on sale-leasebacks. That means it buys marijuana-related facilities and leases them back to pot growers. This allows it to invest in the future of this industry while giving them a financial boost. However, it also risks losing customers if the federal government legalizes marijuana for recreational use. This could affect IIP’s business and cause investors to think twice about buying the stock.

IIP stock has outperformed other marijuana stocks, and is an excellent speculative play for the cannabis industry. This company pays a dividend yield of 3.45% and has generated a three-year return of more than 37%. Another interesting play is Hexo (NYSE:HEXO). While it has had bleak reports, this stock is a good pick for investors who are looking for marijuana stocks to buy as the future turns green.

Moreover, if investors are worried about the federal government crackdown on cannabis, IIP might have to cut its prices to attract investors. Since marijuana remains illegal under federal law, these companies will not have access to traditional banking services. Innovative Industrial Properties is a key supplier of capital to the cannabis industry. The future of the cannabis industry will depend on the stock’s future performance. Therefore, if you’re looking for marijuana stocks to buy as the future turns green, IIP could be the perfect pick.

In addition to marijuana stocks, investors should also pay attention to cannabis REITs. These are likely to be solid buys over the next decade. The early adopters of the cannabis industry will become dominant players and dominate the market in the future. However, if you’re looking for marijuana stocks to buy, make sure your goals and risk tolerance match. And don’t wait too long to buy into these marijuana stocks.